Booklyn en Fete
Every year, on the sunniest day in May, the town of Little Booklyn sets itself up to sell, sell, sell. The tables come out of barns and attics, the signs go up, and the booksellers check their inventory lists one more time.

On the day, the buyers, customers, and friends come by the hundreds, anxious to buy Anna Gluefold's Book Cookies, and take home some treasures of the book designer's, illustrator's, writer's, and editor's art.

In spite of the mayor's worries, the town is ready for anything. Anna has ample supplies of cookies, while the rescue crews and the hospital are fully alert to deal with any crisis, including a crashing helicopter. Book sales and triage go hand in hand at the 2017 Miniature Book Fete!
Booklyn en Fete is the second book in the Little Booklyn series. It consists of 100 pages, written and illustrated by Patricia Caernarven-Smith. It has overall dimensions of 76 x 76 x 9 mm (3 x 3 x 3/8 inches). It is an open edition, priced at $40 per copy including postage world-wide.