Banks and Customers
Yes, all banks in Britain were crooked. Yes, each had its own brand of crookedness and its own ideas for staying above the law.

Yes, they brow-beat their employees, and they robbed, or attempted to rob, their customers blind.

For all the crooks, beggars, and fallen women who haunted London's streets, the biggest crooks worked in imposing buildings, wore designer suits, and hobnobbed with royalty.

They were Britain's bankers, a line of men descended from the Bank of England, and living their lives on the Bank Rate and Profit. Customers beware!

Henry Warren, the author of this noteworthy book, knew whereof he spoke, having spent a life in the financial business. And the fact that this miniature edition is based on the seventh edition (1908) of the original tell us that the problem persisted in spite of his warning! And incidentally, his warnings are still well worth heeding...

Banks and Customers consists of 260 pages, and has overall dimensions of 76 x 76 mm (3 x 3 inches). Price $45 per copy including packing and shipping world-wide.