The Wild Onion Press
Original works in miniature
Welcome to the birth of an imprint...
Welcome to The Wild Onion Press!

This press is dedicated to new books, often about miniature books and their lovers, and often about zanies and serious people who have a new, off-beat, wide-eyed approach to the world.

We launch with two series about miniature books in particular.

Little Booklyn introduces an entire town dedicated to making miniature books, and to supporting the people who make them. Is it real? I wish! Is it full of the kinds of information that we relish about small books and the folks who love them? Is it written not only about us, but for us? Definitely?

Tiny Shelves introduces readers and collectors of all books to the concept of going tiny, even in a yurt, tent, or shepherd's wagon.

Grandma MacInerney: An 84-year-old woman with replacement knees, electronic shoulder and toes, and a serious interest in the health and safety of her elderly neighbors, uses her vegetables, flowers, and martial arts skills to help protect her neighborhood.

Travel and Exploration: A selection of classic books, edited for the miniature format.

Book Collecting: Original works on the subject of collecting books, miniature and otherwise.

The Westreens Series of American Histry: Original novels of a wild west that never was...

Food and Drink: After all, what else is there? (After book collecting, that is.)

Watch this space for new announcements!